I meet the playful BOND!
It was -21 degrees C, the wind was gone and the world was still and gleaming in the cold midday sun. Johnny forgot his camera again and used his iPhone for a few photos of us in this winter wonderland <slideshow>.
CHINA and I met TALIAH and her newest companion, the cream puppy called BOND at Dee’s friend’s country home which was blessed with acres and acres of wide open spaces and miles of fluffy trails through a frozen forest fantasyland.
BOND and TALIAH were a lot of fun and BOND enjoyed being chased, too, and now I know why Uncle AKI loved to chase me. Auntie CHINA chose to stay close to Dee and Johnny except when she heard Johnny say, “Let’s go home, guys,” and then she was leader of the pack, forging her way back to Johnny’s Jeep whereupon a gentle sleep swiftly overtook her which lasted her all the way home.
Six days until Christmas!
Racing on a Field That Gleams
Saturday, December 19, 2009