Raptors take bunny away!
Yesterday, Johnny tossed out bits of bun for the rabbits that live around the home and we saw these marks this morning when we opened the front door on our way out for our walk.
I asked Johnny, ‘What are these unusual 'blade' marks in the snow? What are these circle marks?’
After we got home, Johnny checked with his Saluki friends - they know everything if you ask them - and they said that it was a RAPTOR!   I trembled when I heard that but Johnny said that it wasn’t a basketball player from Toronto and I felt better. Whew!
On our walk this evening, he explained that a raptor is a bird of prey - either an owl or a hawk - that swooped down and picked up Mr. Bunny for supper. That puts a new twist on take-away dinner, doesn’t it?
I’d love to hunt with Mr. Raptor.
And there she was... gone!
Sunday, January 10, 2010