My first lure coursing trials, WOW!
Okay, so I was a >>little<< tired after the trials, but it was loads of fun under sunny skies even with a humidex of 43 degrees C ...and I got a second in singles class; not bad for a first-timer, eh?
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And CHINA raced in veterans class to the cheers of all gathered. I overheard that CHINA was a performer in her day and that CHINA and Uncle AKILA’s sister, ABBEY was number one in Canada for two years straight and that she’s still tearing up the turf in Southern California. How cool is that?
The forecast thunderstorms held off all afternoon and let go in the evening then a spectacular lightning show took over the rain-drenched skies over Militon which BLAM! had its power knocked out and that only added to the splendour.
Too bad CHINA and I slept through it.
Ahhh, this
is the life, isn’t it?
I never knew it’d be that much fun
Sunday, August 9, 2009