SCOC Eastern National, 2009
It was a nice, big ring, bigger than any ring that I’ve even been in for a show. It reminded me of the fenced areas that me and Johnny go playing in and when my friend, Miss Brady Carmichael took me on the down and back and the around, my heart skipped a beat and my mind went into neutral and I skipped along with her. Gosh, she’s wonderful and I forgot what I was doing; I’ll know better next time!
Johnny says, ‘Experience is what you get after you need it,’ and that, ‘An expert is someone who’s made all of the mistakes.’
Hmmm, I think I’m getting to be an experienced expert, what with all these lovely and serious things happening to me. Now I feel like I’m that Madonna song, Like An Urchin.
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where I went lure coursing for the very first time.
I love being a Prima Dogga!!
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Prima Dogga, I’m at it again
Saturday, August 8, 2009