Family photos
This picture of Ali - my dad - is taken with Nico who was a half-brother to Uncle Akila’s mom. Aki’s mom’s name was Ny An’Ah and Aki told me that Nico looks just like her ... I wonder if dad and I smell the same? Hey! now that I see his picture, I can’t tell us apart -> U*!*U and U*!*U
And I’m flying out West to Calgary Stampede Country to visit dad and go to a few dog shows and I’ll meet a few of my litter mates, too!!! Johnny says it’s my summer camp and that I’ll enjoy it; I bet I will love it. I’m going to dig a hole to China!
Click this link to see a slideshow of dad and mom and all of my brothers and sisters, some of whom I’ll meet at dog shows or be playing with at Cathie’s place.  Coo-ull!!!
Summer camp 2008! Part 1
Tuesday, July 8, 2008