I’m flying out West to Cathie’s place this summer. Johnny says it’s my summer camp and that I’ll enjoy it; I bet I will love it. I’m going to dig a hole to China! Here’s a slideshow of dad - and mom! - and all of my brothers and sisters. Aren’t we all beautiful, fun-loving dogs?
Summer camp, 2008!
My dad ALI is with Cathie and here he’s all sopping wet from playing in the slough. Way to go Dad, WAIT FOR ME!!
My dad ALI is showing me how to sleep with dignity (I can do it perfectly, now :-)
Daddy ALI and Cathie at the coursing track. I might try it out next year, too.
Our beautiful mommy (REIGN) when she was a young gal
Our mommy REIGN was visiting dad when this shot was taken and she's in Idaho with Patricia
Me (LEO) and dad ALI and his cousin ASJA at summer camp
Me (LEO) and Cathy at one of the many dog shows we went to
My sister SEHRENE is in Idaho with Patricia
My beautiful sister SEHRENE is showing off her stuff!!
My brother RASHAD is a show dog too and lives on Vancouver Island with  Joan
My brother RASHAD on the run!! Lookie him go!!  Totally Rad, dude!
My brother BEARDSLEY is in Edmonton with Roxanne
My brother BEARDSLEY is way cool, eh?! Parti on, man!
This is my sister BETSY, loved by Dawn Manning in B.C. No, she’s not a velociraptor :-))
This is BETSY again. She loves children (sigh).
This is BARAKAH, loved by Chris Collignon.
My sisters POTATOH and JACKIOH are in upstate New York with Jan and George Gruel
And we met JAEDDA who’s a friend of ASJA’s,  Lure coursing looks like loads of fun!!at Cathie’s place.