UFO mystery is solved
Hounds are responsible for the verb Hound and since I’m a Saluki Hound who likes to find out things, I found a funny and reasonable explanation for the July UFO sighting down by the river however the ka-BOOM! that we all heard is still a mystery but I’m working on it. Geese with gas maybe?
Anyway, do you remember that the toilet on the Space Station got plugged in the middle of July? Yup, there were a world-record thirteen astronauts and cosmonauts on board and they had a party.
They plugged the loo and when they fixed it, they had to get rid of the toilet and the poo and guess when they let it fall back to Earth? On July 26, and here’s the clue I found:
  1998-067BR      35634   ISS        91.3    51.6      346        336      0.0462
  ISS DEBRIS      Launched (11/20/1998)     Decayed [07/26/2009]
Yup, I found it on the web but the spacemen call the loo and poo spaceship by a fancy name, debris. It really sounds so much better in French, n’est-ce pas?  
Puppy thanks go out to astronaut Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency for the funny video explanation of what some shooting stars might be. Check this out, too!
Yup, you can’t keep a good hound off the scent for too long. We may howl at the Moon and maybe we don’t know why, but hey, we’re fun-loving Saluki Hounds!!
p.s. My name is going to Mars in 2011, and yours can too. Click here for my certificate and here to send yours to Mars.
Don’t blame me for the mess...
Saturday, September 19, 2009