OLCA coursing with CHINA and the gang
The newest thing I do is lure coursing and Johnny says that’s what God gave us Salukis such nice bodies for (thanks, God!) and look, that’s my 72 points up there from Judge Carlee Davis after coursing in Singles against two other dogs. How cool is that!

Last October in Tillsonburg, Judge Betty McHugh said I got ‘form and function’ and gave me a point in conformation and this October at the OLCA meet in Flamborough, I ran like the wind six times and I really enjoyed myself and just like my first time back in August; it was so much fun. OLCA’s Field Trial Secretary, Heather Jean says next year when I get more experienced, I should certify to run here and in the USA. I’ll run for fun. Simple, pure, clean fun again and maybe get some points towards a field championship, too. 

Talking prizes? I got a fourth place ribbon on Saturday, and Sunday I got a first place one that came with a nice teddy bear to sleep with and on Monday, I got a first place ribbon and a UFO-shaped fibre-optic lamp. How coincidental is that? ZONA and SHAHIL and many other great dogs I know were running and winning and enjoying themselves there, too. Can we do it again soon, Johnny?

Oh! And Johnny got to pig out at the OLCA Thanksgiving pot luck and he discovered a great cold weather drink called Hot Apple Pie. 

So, make yourself one or two of them and look at the
photo pages of my great weekend (videos soon)
Saturday and Sunday and Monday.

Leo, the newest lure coursing Saluki. 40BEB72A-75EC-44D0-B7AA-F1AD6B71139C.htmlhttp://www.olca.csfa.info/http://www.drinknation.com/drink/Hot-Apple-Pie../Photos%20-%20my%20first%20weekend%20of%20lure%20coursing%20Saturday.html../Photos%20-%20my%20first%20weekend%20of%20lure%20coursing%20Sunday.html../Photos%20-%20my%20first%20weekend%20of%20lure%20coursing%20Monday.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3shapeimage_1_link_4shapeimage_1_link_5
Thanksgiving weekend 2009
Saturday, October 10, 2009