Here’s a 24-hour in-house record of Leo meeting Aquila (aka Aki aka Keela) and Johnny. It begins with Leo’s first moments home in his new backyard and ends with snapshots of all of us on the couch moments before making this webpage. Wow, Leo, you rarely stop!
Welcome home, Leonidas ! 
aka Leo
Here I am, three hours after I landed in Ottawa
Oh-oh! Man with camera at twelve o’clock!
Hey man, I‘m going to like making this place my home.
Aren’t I handsome? My name is Leonidas but call me Leo.
Are you Johnny?
I’m really fast, dude. Watch how fast I can move my head?
See me run. Whoosh!
See me stop on a dime. <screeching of tires on pavement>
dx awq! 
(:Leo typed that as a subtitle:)
Where’s uncle going?
On the deck
On the deck
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
No, It’s Leo!
I see something...gotta run.
It stopped moving. Hmm.
WHee-ee-ee ! !
At the far edges of known territory
At the far edges of known territory
Now I am at the centre of my new universe
I can run to the far side in maybe three light seconds.
OOPS! < I fall into a black hole>
Uncle Aki goes into one of our cedar jungles
I try my paw at it.
It’s a hike, I gotta tell ya.
It sure looks easier to get through from out here.
You mean.. I can run around it, too?
There’s Uncle Akila resting in the sunshine
Here I am by the enchanted forest
Here’s a nice spot
I think I’m going to run way over there
Look Aki, how small I am, today. Soon, I’ll be real big.
Aki sees a squirrel. Excuse me, please... <squirm>
Man that boy’s got a quick get-away!
Hey! Uncle Aki chased Mr. Squirrel into here
It came out here, Uncle Aki!
Uncle says, ‘You’re right, kid.”
Inside, I find some fluffy new friends
It’s easy to get comfy in this bed
Welcome to my pad, dude.
I see the light.
Do I like it?
Yup, I like this place!
Note to self, check this room out.
Oops, let’s not go in there.
Okay, what else is interesting in here ...
What the ... ?
< pull, tug >
< pull, tug, yank >
<clap of thunder>
nap time
nap time