Full Moon Midnight Midwinter Prowl
It was a late night midwinter snowfall and CHINA and I just had to go out and enjoy the big fat flakes that were majestically falling in silent pinwheel circles. We loved walking on the soft white blanket that fully covered the ice-encrusted yard. All of the trees had a few inches of the fluffy stuff on their branches and even the bare plum tree looked marvelous in her embroidered gown of snow. There was no wind and the full moon was up and veiled by the slow snow clouds that marched above us however they were - every one - evenly aglow. The next morning, a west wind flew in and whistling through the pines, took it all away with her.
Want to see sweet photos of our eerie evening outing? CHINA and I - and even Johnny - could see everything!
I’d howl but my nose is in the snow
Friday, March 5, 2010