Heather takes me to Best in Group
My handler Heather Dowser tells people, “Outside the ring Leo is all fun and play but inside, he knows the difference between playtime and for real time,” but I like being with her because she’s comforting to be with and laughs at my jokes.
Group Judge Jim told Johnny, “Leo’s gait was so effortless and smooth, it was a pleasure to watch him move.”
I won Best in Group under Judge Jim Osborne, and Best Puppy in Group (Hound), Best of Breed (Saluki Hound), Best Puppy in Breed, and that all-important first First Place (‘from small acorns, mighty oaks grow,’ Aki sez).  
Uncle Aki and I also met and had fun with our Saluki friends Taliah and Gabriel at this pre-season sanction match by the Ottawa Kennel Club.
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Prima Dogga, part 3
Saturday, March 15, 2008