JAWS: the great, dark, fireplace shark
Seconds after Johnny arrived home, the power went out so he prepared a hardwood fire in the living room fireplace and then used the built-in video camera of his MacBook to record a few tussles with me as I pretended to be JAWS reincarnate, this time as a great, dark, fireplace shark.
Genetically-encoded memories flashed across my mind. The scent of burning maple filled the air and the sound of a slow-stoked crackling fire played in our ears. Johnny took to reading The Cat Who Moved Through Walls by two brave little flames from a wax candle and a wick-type oil lamp and all three of us enjoyed the evening by the fire long after the power came back a few hours later. It was nice and simple and right; two dogs and their boy.
Doggone, what a life! \\:-))
Leo turns into JAWS with firelight
Wednesday, January 9, 2008